UberEats – How To Make The Most Money

UberEats – How To Make The Most Money

If you’re looking for an extra easy income to supplement your job, then doing food deliveries for UberEats is the way to go. I only drive 3 hours a day that averages around $50 a day. Here’s the math, if you drive in the boost hours from 11am to 2pm you should get around 5 to 6 deliveries within that time frame. Some days you’ll get 7 deliveries. Each delivery in the boost hours should make you around $8.30 to $10.30. If it’s a shorter delivery it should be around $7.50. If it’s a longer delivery it should be around $12.50. These are rates here in Westchester, New York. It might be different where you live.

UberEats doesn’t promote tipping, but some customers will give you a tip. Let’s say you do deliveries 7 days a week, you’ll make around $50 for the 3 hours. That’s an extra $350.00 that you can add to your already existing income from your 9 to 5. You can do UberEats deliveries full time, but I prefer to do it part time because I have another job and it’s not extra wear and tear on my car.


If you’d like to make even more money you could do deliveries in the boost hours from 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm. That comes out to driving 6 hours a day. It’s ONLY beneficial to drive in the boost hours because you get more pay. Driving any other time would be a waste of time in my opinion.

Since I started driving for UberEats the highest tip I got was $7.00, the highest pay I got in 1 hour was $32.00, the highest daily pay for 3 hours was $70.00(that’s $23/hr), and the highest pay I got for 1 delivery was $16.00(with tip). If you want to make the most out of the boost hours make sure you’re ready to drive and go online in the app as soon as the boost hours start.

Here’s Another Tip

Now is the best time to join UberEats because McDonalds do deliveries. You will get a larger percentage of McDonald’s deliveries. I hope this article gave you enough information about UberEats. If you’d like to ask me questions not covered by this article Click Here !!! and I’ll get back to you. Take advantage of this easy money by joining today. Click the button below to join.

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Updated: June 13, 2017 — 3:43 am

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  1. After your first month doing uber eats your surge/boosts and quest challenges will go away never coming back. This will cut your pay by 40%. If you are still driving for uber you are well aware at this point. Good luck to all.

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